SMC4 Records Manager: Formal Document Retention and Destruction

SMC4 provides fully integrated records management capability to control the end to end life cycle of each individual social media communication.

SMC4 Records Manager provides policy based document retention that complies with formal Records Management standards such as DoD 5015.2, TNA, DOMEA, VERS, ISO 15489, and MoReq.

social media compliance and records management for social media applications

SMC4 provides the capability to apply formal Records Management to incoming messages, documents and files.

This integrated approach provides a seamless process for organisations who need to adopt Records Management and apply retention policies to ensure relevant documents are retained for the specified period.

SMC4 Records Manager supports all of the key features for formal Records Management:

  • Automated capture and classification of messages and documents as Records

  • File plan management

  • Flexible rule based policy management

  • Life cycle and event management to cater for legal holds, transfer and early destruction

  • Automated disposition schedule for long term retention and destruction

  • Fully integrated within the SMC4 solution interface

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