SMC4 Collaboration Makes it Easier For People To Work Together

SMC4 captures and stores documents and files into a single environment to enable secure group wide collaboration.

social media collaboration software

The SMC4 collaboration environment creates a true team working environment that extends your reach and enables you to react quicker to your customers needs.

  • SMC4 is a totally secure collaboration environment that is easy to manage

  • SMC4 automatically captures and stores social media and any attachments into a single collaboration room

  • SMC4 makes it easy to distribute and share documents and information across people, teams and projects

  • SMC4 makes it easy to set up new collaboration areas to manage campaigns and support projects

  • SMC4 enables real time collaboration with external teams such as suppliers and partners

  • SMC4 collaboration empowers people to make better decisions

SMC4 provides advanced document management capabilities:

  • Document editing and tracking

  • Document version control

  • Document check in / check out

  • Document archiving and retention

  • SMC4 collaboration is scalable, from a few users to 10,000s

  • SMC4 collaboration can be easily integrated with other internal social media tools and information systems

Try SMC4 Lite for free

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