SMC4 Automatically Reads and Prioritizes Incoming Social Media Conversations

Companies need to provide customers real time social media, email and SMS responses. SMC4 automatically captures and interprets incoming communications so that real-time actions and decisions can be taken. SMC4's sophisticated content analytics controls and pre-processes social media, email and SMS conversations, automatically moving conversations to the right person or department for action.

Social Media communication is automatically captured and interpreted interpret decision real-time
  • SMC4 provides real time receipt and automatic directing of any digital communications to the right people and business department for immediate processing.

  • SMC4 enables immediate response of communication in a structured manner, ensuring the highest levels of service level response and controlled communication management

  • Automatically performs advanced content analytics interpretating each communication to automatically determine the nature and type of incoming communiciation, such as classifiying a complaint.

  • SMC4 supports multi-language communication, automatically identifying and processing the communication in their native language, such as English, French, Spanish, Arabic, and will then automatically action the communication in the same language.

  • Uses word and/or phase pattern matching to determine the actual sentiment of the communication and workflow process such as the word "treated" in a complaint example "I have been treated badly" but usually the phrase "I treated my kids to an ice cream" has no commerical relivance.

  • SMC4 can perform automated lookup of customer/product database sources to categories the message

  • Automatically categorises each communication, using rules to immediatley route the content to the appropriate work queue.

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