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SMC4 Smartest Media Management Cloud enables organisations to manage their inbound and outbound social media messages. SMC4 enables companies to utilise the real time benefits of social media whilst protecting against the risks. Prebuilt dictionaries ensure all outgoing messages meet regulatory, legal and corporate compliance before ever being made public. SMC4 is a compliant end to end digital media solution.

Protection Against Social Media Abuse and Brand Damage

If someone complains, criticises or attacks a company through social media, that criticism can quickly go viral before the company can be aware or respond to the feedback.

SMC4 automatically detects and captures inappropriate social media phrases and words, such as profanity, racism and sexist communication, protecting your corporate brand. The offending communication is automatically hidden from public view and can be placed in a controlled workflow for immediate review and response.

Ensure Social Media Compliance and Supervision

Companies run the risk of not meeting compliance regulations by allowing employees to respond to social media messages without any controls in place. SMC4 controls and supervises outbound messages, checking and stopping breaches to FINRA, FSA, SEC, or NASD rules, and stops profanity, racist, sexist, and other inappropriate public facing communications.

SMC4 offers pre-approved and compliant responses and automatically detects high risk keywords within the message. Any inappropriate message will be automatically routed to a supervisor for approval before going back to the customer, thus ensuring that all communications are clear, fair and not-misleading. All social media messages are archived for eDiscovery purposes, ensuring you meet legal, corporate and strict regulatory requirements.

SMC4 Mobile

SMC4 Mobile gives companies the agility they need to easily respond to prospects and customers. It enables companies to deliver a standardised level of service, critical to multi-channel businesses such as retail, insurance, banking and telco.

SMC4 Mobile delivers:

  • Improved customer experience

  • Improved efficiency

  • Improved collaboration

SMC4 Social Media Case Management and Workflow Control

SMC4 workflow control

One of the biggest challenges of social media is how to capture and control each separate social media communication, and ensure that each communication is quickly and accurately addressed.

SMC4 provides comprehensive advanced case management and workflow that controls the capture and automated management of the social media communication, linking all social media communications with the right people and business processes, such as insurance claims, order receipts and processing, customer complaint management, proof of delivery and other processes.

SMC4 uses checklist driven advanced case management and workflow to ensure work is progressed consistently, accurately and efficiently. This is coupled with strong business reporting capabilities, straight-through automation and location dependence to deliver real competitive advantage.

Companies use SMC4 to help them:

  • Drive productivity & improve organizational efficiency

  • Lower operating costs

  • Improve quality of service & increase speed of response

  • Maintain tight regulatory compliance

  • Increase customer satisfaction

  • Deliver a platform for continuous process improvement

Search, Retrieval and Archival of Social Media Communication

Companies need complete control and visibility of social media content. It has become essential for companies to retain, control, and have ready all social media communication to comply with FINRA, FCA, SEC, and NASD e-Discovery regulations SEC (Rules 17a-3 and 17a-4), and NASD (Rule 3010) eDiscovery regulations.

The SMC4 advanced search function enables the easy search and retrieval of any social media content, finding information based on criteria. For example, look up on specific dates, a keyword, specific person etc.

SMC4 Archive Repository is the first software application that enables you to archive social media messages into your existing document management repository, leveraging existing investments and achieving a 360 degree view of your corporate and client information.

SMC4 enables users to capture, classify and archive social media messages into any Content Management system, such as IBM FileNet, CMOD, Microsoft SharePoint and OpenText, through our open standard API, providing a central long term archive for e-Discovery and Legal compliance to search and access.

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