Knowledge Capture - SMC4 Social Listener in the Cloud

SMC4 (Smartest Management C4 - Capture, Control, Compliance, Communication) is a social media management tool that uses content analytics to help with brand protection. The SMC4 Social Listener module searches the web to capture posts from a broad range of digital feeds and bring them into the SMC4 unified inbox to analyse, manage and apply workflow actions. SMC4 Social Listener listens to and understands the voice of the customer, enabling brands to monetize social insight and utilize social media data to gain real business value.

SMC4 Social Listener protects companies, clubs, celebrities and individual personal reputations from online public communication sabotage. The application is designed to enable organizations of any size to cost effectively capture customer issues of any nature, regardless of the media of communication, and process via business configured rules based checklist workflows.

Regardless of where your social media or customer service teams are located and how they are organized, SMC4 Social Listener allows real-time management of customer interactions across the wider web channeled into the unified inbox. Our customizable content analytics categories identify the sentiment behind each post and perform a range of auto-actions to ensure they are captured and processed using the built workflow capabilities.

SMC4 Social Listener can capture a range of sentiment posts that relate to specific organizations without posting directly to brand, organization or person of interest (without containing identifying social media handles or direct mentions) based on customizable Boolean queries for a variety of use-cases.

SMC4 Social Listener will enable your organization to:

  • Gain deeper understanding of your social media followers - Understand consumer feedback, explore public trends and interests, identify sales opportunities, and prevent brand damage.

  • Identify buying intentions - Gain the ability to identify how industry purchases are discussed across the wider web, and locate sales leads that would otherwise be lost in the background noise of social media.

  • Analyze the ripple effect from marketing campaigns and product launches - Evaluate how your most recent advertising campaigns have been received by your target audiences, and break consumer feedback down into analytic categories to understand specific trends, and therefore identify future business improvements.

  • Improve your online and social media presence - Enhance your social media reputation by highlighting the channels that are most commonly used, capturing and responding to queries quickly to meet SLAs, and identifying the reach of your online content.

  • Capture insight into your competitors' social media presence - Analyze sentiment, trends and overall consumer feedback regarding competitor brands.

Once SMC4 has automatically identified sentiment relating to your use-case, using the Knowledge Capture fully automated content analytics and sentiment processing, business based rules and actions can be defined to perform actions such as automatic social media channel message responses, email notification, message prioritization and uniquely, automatic Complaint Management 'Case' creation.

SMC4 Social Listener Price Scalability

SMC4 Social Listener is designed to scale with the customers' social media usage and future growth and development. The solution combines the following components:

  • Knowledge Capture SMC4 application

  • Content Analytics with bespoke lexicons

  • Case Manager

  • KC Qi Reporting Dashboards

  • Fully hosted cloud service

The above can all be scaled differently dependent on the levels required and provides clarification to the end users on what the future costs may be as their Social Media and Case Management requirements grow and develop.

To discover how Knowledge Capture SMC4 Social Listener can help your organization cost effectively bring control and efficiency to your online presence and social media reputation, contact us today for a free demonstration.

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