Social Media Complaint Life Cycle Control

Customers are using Social Media tools to complain, but Social Media tools such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn do not have automated means to capture, control, and appropriately manage and workflow process complaints.

SMC4 provides an end to end complaint management tool that automatically captures incoming complaints at their social media source and immediately translates the message intent and directs the complaints to workflow and call centre queues where they can be instantly assessed, prioritized and resolved.

smc4 capture and manages incoming complaints from social media sources such as facebook, twitter, linkedin and google+

The SMC4 Social Media Complaint Processing tool provides the following key functions:

  • Automated complaint capture, receipt and extraction of information required to process each individual complaint, whether it was originally received on paper, email, social media, fax or another electronic format

  • Automated social media complaints priority queue management with built in time and SLA management

  • Automated social media routing of complaints to appropriate resolution owners, supervisory levels and management

  • Enables all supporting social media complaints documentation to be attached and saved within each individual complaint

  • Provides a full history, reporting and audit trail for each individual stage of the complaint raised from a social media tool

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