SMC4 Controls and Schedules Outgoing Social Media Posts

SMC4 enables private and public messages to be scheduled with specific times and dates, or messages can be placed into the social media calendar for release where gaps appear. SMC4 also checks and controls what is scheduled for release, ensuring social media content is appropriate and approved for release, then distributed evenly, managing maximum coverage within your community.

SMC4 Social Media communication and social media Scheduling

As part of the social media new post scheduling process, SMC4 controls the message creation and release activities, ensuring the social media content is suitable for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other public facing sites, for example SMC4 checks and stops breaches to FINRA, FSA, SEC, or NASD rules, and stops profanity, racist, sexist, and other inappropriate public facing communications.

SMC4 protects corporate Brands by controlling the business social media communication, preventing commercial embarrassment from wrongful messages being released, and protecting your business reputation by ensuring only approved and authorised messaging is released to the Social Media public sites.

SMC4 can tailor and control the level of authorization that users have when uploading information on social media websites by simplifying the user experience. SMC4 enables;

  • Scheduling of Direct messages on Facebook and Twitter
  • Scheduling of Public messages on all supported social media platforms
  • Scheduling to any time or date in the future
  • Spreading social media posts equally throughout the day automatically
  • Arranging which post are sent when in SMC4’s calendar

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