SMC4 Automates Digital Information Capture, Control, Communication & Compliance

SMC4 is a complete social media, email, SMS, images and other digital information messaging solution to enable automated capture, control, communication and compliance when adopting digital information. SMC4 automatically analyses all inbound communication and takes specific actions on every inbound message, irrespective of where it came from.

All digital messages are automatically captured as received and stored in their original form within micro-seconds. Multiple social media and messaging feeds are captured, such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, emails, SMS texts, Instagram and Google+

Once captured in the incoming message queue, their content is analysed to enable correct routing and prioritisation.

The routing of messages is key to ensure each is managed as quickly as possible. Routing is automated, as well as auto-responses that allow replies to be automatically sent back to the sender, e.g. to confirm the receipt of their message or acknowledge a specific type, such as an order or complaint.

Inbound messages can be routed to individuals, or sent to pre-set queues such as exception handling, workflow queues or a delete queue (in the case of auto-interpreted spam).

SMC4 content analytics is the key component behind the responding, routing, queueing and prioritisation. Please see our SMC4 Content Analytics page to see how these actions are automated.

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