SMC4 Mobile

SMC4 Mobile

SMC4 Mobile provides a feature rich application, available to over 1 billion Android users worldwide and over 700 million iOS users, which enables remote workers in sales, marketing, customer service, HR, product development, claims, fraud and compliance to easily:

  • listen to customers
  • respond to customer feedback in real-time
  • approve responses and posts
  • deliver a superior service to VIPs
  • manage complaints efficiently
  • quickly respond to sales leads
  • manage campaigns and customer engagement
  • recruit top talent
  • review competitors and affiliates

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SMC4 Mobile gives companies the agility they need to easily respond to prospects and customers.  It enables companies to deliver a standardised level of service, critical to multi-channel businesses such as retail, insurance, banking and telco.

SMC4 Mobile delivers:

  • Improved customer experience
  • Improved efficiency
  • Improved collaboration

SMC4 Mobile Supports:
Social networks – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn Google+
Email – MS Outlook
Users – Agents, Supervisors, Auditors, Administrators
Platforms – IOS and Android. 

More coming soon!!!

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SMC4 Android

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