SMC4 - Social Media Capture and Control for FileNet

SMC4 Social Media FileNet Cloud

SMC4 for IBM FileNet is a complete Social Media messaging solution to enable automated capture, control, communication and compliance when adopting Social Media. Through it's seamless integration with IBM FileNet, SMC4 provides a complete solution for capturing and managing all social media content and activity.

SMC4 is a out of the box Social Media tool for IBM FileNet and provides complete control of social media communication, helping organisations to protect their brand and reputation and conduct social media activity in a compliant manner. As soon as any message comes into SMC4, it is automatically archived within FileNet, even if the original post is deleted from the social media site.

The IBM FileNet SMC4 solution provides a complete end to end solution for all social media monitoring, offering:

  • Automated capture from social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, IBM Connections, Outlook emails and many other social communication tools

  • Advanced content analysis of all communication that enables:

    • Detection of message sentiment to enable automated routing and prioritisation

    • Automated deletion (or hiding) of inappropriate social media phrases and words, such as profanity, racism and sexist communication posted on corporate web sites

    • Automated controls to monitor outgoing social media posts, ensuring that any inappropriate employee communications are stopped from sending externally, pending a supervisor review and action

  • Comprehensive in-built social media workflow, ensuring inward and outward social media communication follows formal company procedures and processes every time

  • Advanced search and eDiscovery features to enable fast retrieval of any social media content

  • Optional out of the box applications such as Advanced Case Management and Records Management

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