Search and Retrieval of Social Media Communication

Companies need complete control and visibility of social media content. It has become essential for companies to retain, control, and have ready all social media communication to comply with FINRA, FCA, SEC, and NASD e-Discovery regulations SEC (Rules 17a-3 and 17a-4), and NASD (Rule 3010) eDiscovery regulations.

Put simply firms must keep records of all social media communications relating to their 'business'. Businesses communicating through social media sites must retain records of their communications and provide the necessary retention and retrieval functions.

The SMC4 advanced search function enables the easy search and retrieval of any social media content, finding information based on criteria.

SMC4 enables basic and complex search and retrieval of any social media conversation, for example; searching for a social media conversation that were created after a particular date with a keyword of 'information OR content. SMC4 also supports standard Boolean operators such as OR and AND are supported, and you can quote phrases too).


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