SMC4 Capture and Archive Social Media

SMC4 Archive Repository is the first software application that enables you to archive social media messages into your existing document management repository, leveraging existing investments and achieving a 360 degree view of your corporate and client information.

SMC4 enables users to capture, classify and archive social media messages into any Content Management system, such as IBM FileNet, CMOD, Microsoft SharePoint and OpenText, through our open standard API, providing a central long term archive for e-Discovery and Legal compliance to search and access. This is a first no other software provides this level of integration.

SMC4 integration delivers transactional and safe integration between SMC4’s capture platform and connected ECM systems by using the CMIS standard protocols.

The benefits of using SMC4 for social media message archival are:

  • SMC4’s powerful Social Media capture and connected ECM system provides a consistent process for securely capturing all Social Media messages.
  • Leverage SMC4 in the Cloud for social media message capture and classification with local in-house long term message archival and retention
  • SMC4 integration accelerates business process by collecting Social Media messages and transforming them into accurate, actionable information and delivering them into the corporate ECM system for archive or workflow processing.
  • Utilise existing document management infrastructure (servers and storage)
  • Create a 360 degree view of client information
  • Utilise Social Media messages to trigger existing workflows
  • No new repository licence costs or ongoing maintenance
  • Single point of social media and corporate record backup and security
  • Existing in-house technical skills and knowledge
  • SMC4 also allows for existing content analytics to be used on company social media data

To enable archiving of your social media messages to your corporate ECM repository is as simple as 1, 2, 3, 4:

  1. Login to your SMC4 account
  2. Select the Administration tab
  3. Select the Connections option on the right
  4. Choose your repository from the list of options, and that’s it your archival social media messages to your in house repository
Try SMC4 Lite for free now, and enable your social media data to be stored in your existing repository.

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