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Responding faster when disaster strikes by turning social media data into actionable insight

Natural disasters often result in destruction, disrupting services and causing widespread chaos. Calamities can also generate high volumes of social data, as thousands of people simultaneously turn to social media to seek answers and assistance.

How could Florida-based insurer Security First Insurance turn this deluge of data into a competitive advantage and harness the power of social media to deliver fast, responsive service to customers when they need it most?

Working with IBM Business Partner Integritie, Security First Insurance implemented a cloud-based analytics platform that enables efficient response to real-time queries from mobile and social sources and drastically improves the productivity and speed of the claims resolution process.

Security First Insurance is one of the largest homeowner's insurance companies in Florida. Headquartered in Ormond Beach, the company employs more than 90 insurance professionals to serve its nearly 180,000 customers.

Coping with surging claims

When disaster strikes, the resources of any large insurance company are stretched far beyond routine demands. During a typical month, Security First Insurance processes 700 claims, but in the aftermath of an event such as hurricane, this number can swell to tens of thousands within days. It can be a challenge for the company to quickly scale up its resources to handle the influx of customers trying to file claims for damaged property and possessions.

To complicate matters, many customers now contact insurers like Security First Insurance through company Facebook pages and Twitter accounts in hopes of reaching an employee. Although Security First Insurance provides ongoing monitoring of its Facebook and Twitter accounts, as well as its multiple email addresses and call centers, the company knew that the high communication volume after a major storm required a more comprehensive approach.

Werner Kruck, Chief Operating Officer at Security First Insurance, explains: "We were concerned that if a massive number of customers contacted us through email or social media after a hurricane, we would be unable to respond quickly and appropriately. We wanted a better way to collect, analyze and process the flood of information to deliver the most responsive service to customers, regardless of the channel they use to contact us."

Responding rapidly no matter how customers get in touch

To extract useful information from thousands of social and mobile messages, and use it to expedite the resolution process for its customers, Security First Insurance partnered with IBM Business Partner Integritie to design an all-new business process.

The resulting solution automatically sifts through data in email and social media posts, tweets and comments, using text mining, natural language processing and sentiment analytics to detect words and tones that might indicate significant property damage or convey distress. Security First Insurance can then prioritize the messages and route them to the appropriate personnel, who can provide reassurance, handle complaints or begin the claims process.

Security First Insurance worked with Integritie to develop this transformative platform, which draws on IBM Enterprise Content Management solutions and combines sophisticated content management capabilities with social listening and content analytics. The solution allows Security First Insurance to rapidly and accurately capture, analyze and process large volumes of unstructured data from email, social media and mobile sources.

Using IBM® FileNet® Content Manager and IBM Content Collector for Email, SMC4 pulls all incoming communication from Security First Insurance's social media channels and email systems into a central repository. Additionally, SMC4 leverages IBM Content Navigator software to give users easy, web-based access to multiple content sources, and supports more collaborative content management with integrated social capabilities.

Underlying IBM Content Analytics with Enterprise Search software uses rich-text analysis and natural language processing capabilities to surface new, actionable insights from Security First Insurance's enterprise content, including email and social media messages.

Taking advanced analytics to the cloud

With its inbound communications channels subject to sudden and massive fluctuations in demand, Security First Insurance required a platform that could quickly scale processing power up or down to match these surges and ebbs. For this reason, the company chose to deploy the SMC4 solution in a virtual environment using IBM Cloud technology.

The always-on cloud platform provides Security First Insurance with a leading combination of power and flexibility, allowing the company to run advanced analytics on real-time data without having to take on the cost and risk of building and managing the physical infrastructure needed to support it.

Serving customers more effectively

With IBM Enterprise Content Management and SMC4 solutions, Security First Insurance can use social media as an efficient and valuable communications channel in the event of a disaster. The ability to rapidly and accurately mine email and social media posts for helpful information allows the company to act effectively on customer requests and respond much faster than before.

Kruck concludes: "Mobile devices and social media are quickly becoming the communication channels of choice for our customers. The solutions from IBM and Integritie offer us a powerful platform for taking control of these new sources of data and using them to deliver a more responsive service to customers."

"We are one of the first insurance companies in Florida to make ourselves available to customers whenever, wherever and however they choose to communicate. Responding quickly to our customers to meet their expectations is our top priority, and with help from IBM and Integritie, we are able to make that possible."

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The Need

When disaster strikes, Security First Insurance is inundated with claims requests from all channels, including social and mobile. How could the insurer rapidly respond to customers in need of help?

The Solution

Security First uses Integritie SMC4®, built on IBM Enterprise Content Management software running on an IBM Cloud platform, to respond to real-time queries from mobile and social sources.

The Benefit

Automatic analysis, prioritization and routing of messages from different channels ensures that requests are sent to the correct employee, eliminating duplication of efforts and accelerating claims resolution.

Solution Components


  • IBM® Cloud

  • IBM FileNet® Content Manager

  • IBM Content Collector for Email

  • IBM Content Navigator

  • IBM Content Analytics with Enterprise Search

  • Integritie SMC4®

IBM Business Partner

  • Integritie

"IBM Content Analytics solutions and Integritie SMC4 help us provide an efficient and flexible response to real-time queries, no matter the channel, and enable us to quickly assist customers who need our help the most"

Werner Kruck, Cheif Operating Officer, Security First Insurance

"Mobile devices and social media are quickly becoming the communication channels of choice for our customers. The solutions from IBM and Integritie offer us a powerful platform for taking control of these new sources of data and using them to deliver a more responsive service to customers."

Werner Kruck, Cheif Operating Officer, Security First Insurance








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