SMC4 Observer - How Does it Work?

SMC4 Observer helps Police identify potential high risk social media messages.

Social Media communication is automatically captured and interpreted interpret decision real-time

Social media messages are automatically captured by SMC4 Observer in their original form. The social media messages are analyzed as they come into SMC4 Observer by the inclusive 17 different language dictionaries available, highlighting key phrases relating to many categories, including crime, racism, predators, terrorism, hate, drugs, bullying, self-harm, suicide, shaming, sexual, truancy, depression, self-hate, insults, profanity, sexism and many others.

Once analyzed, each message is given a risk rating (low, medium or high) and email alerts are sent to Police staff members notifying them of risks related to the individual. This includes the message content along with the date and timestamps of the incident occurring. A link to the SMC4 Observer application is also sent so the Police can investigate and take action immediately

Police working with schools can register their organisation on Facebook and Twitter to access their student's public social media messages. Within SMC4 Observer, schools and colleges can add student details, bulk upload student details, search for student accounts and add them individually for monitoring, or they can send mass email invitations asking them to authorise SMC4 Observer access to their Facebook and Twitter accounts to obtain private social media messages in support of their student protection policies.

All messages are archived automatically for 2 years, providing a full audit trail, enabling social media messages to be easily accessed for eDiscovery purposes to support legal investigations. Social media messages can then be added to work baskets where messages that are assigned certain risk ratings and categories can be sent to the correct authority for swift action

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