SMC4 Observer - Student and Risk Reporting

Trying to get a snapshot of the wellbeing of individuals, those that need immediate support and action and a helicopter view of how the Police are performing against its targets is difficult.

SMC4 Observer makes it easy for Police Departments at a glance to see what they need to action first with comprehensive dashboards of social media risk messages by category, risk level, and a view of the most high risk people affected.

smc4 observer social media

Insightful demographic analytics are provided as part of the SMC4 Observer dashboard to provide Police Departments with additional information about key demographic groups that are affected by social media abuse in their communities..

smc4 observer demo 1

Additional operational reporting is provided from SMC4 Observer Reports where staff members can select from a number of reporting parameters to obtain the key reports they need to understand social media communication volumes, status of actions taken by staff of risk messages, frequently used keywords and phrases to gain insight into these issues, geo-location data and more.

SMC4 Observer stats

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