SMC4 Observer - Protection Against Cyber Bullying

Cyberbullying is on the rise amongst young people and social media is being used as a vehicle to target individuals.

SMC4 Observer identifies social media threats and heads them off, reducing risks and preventing tragedy associated to cyber bullying and social predators.

SMC4 Observer social media monitoring

SMC4 Observer enables schools and colleges to securely manage their pupils social media communications and accounts, detecting early warning signs of bullying before it becomes a problem. SMC4 Observer reporting technology enables immediate detection of inappropriate or risky communications, enabling fast action from schools and the Police to stamp out bullying and other threats to children.

Why SMC4 Observer For Schools and Colleges?

Every day there are thousands of posts on student’s social media sites that contain nasty messages called cyber bullying, which mainly consist of threats and abusive communications. It is important for parents, school administrators and the Police to be able to process cyber bullying communications immediately in order to tackle and stop bullying and abusive messages getting to students. SMC4 Observer is a social media real time monitoring and analysis tool that reports and escalates cyber bullying risks.

Social Media Safety Online

  • SMC4 Observer provides schools and colleges with early warning signs regarding bullying

  • SMC4 Observer provides a secure social media reporting platform to listen, monitor and analyse students inbound and outbound Facebook and Twitter social media communication.

  • SMC4 Observer can automatically delete inappropriate and offensive comments from student's social media pages, providing a forum that is safe from cyber bullying, predators and undesirable communication.

  • SMC4 Observer automatically highlights bullying words and phrases to school officials, parents or Police depending on the risk assessment.

  • SMC4 Observer provides real time reporting to school and college officials to deal with the issues raised, aligned to school procedures related to student conduct and safety.


  • The SMC4 Observer daily reports take into account the frequency and severity of student’s posts and automatically categorises them based on the comprehensive SMC4 content analytics and risk levels associated to bullying.


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Pupil Key Benefits

  • SMC4 provides safer social media communication

  • Identifies bullies

  • Stops social media abuse

  • Focus on reasonable communication rather than victimisation

School Key Benefits

  • Immediate knowledge of bullying, risky and abusive messages

  • Real time reports enabling immediate actions to be taken

  • Enables adherence to School Policies regarding bullying and conduct and safety


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