SMC4 Geo-location Tracking

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SMC4 geo-location tracking enables law enforcement agencies to search publicly posted social media traffic from Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram.

SMC4 geo-location tracking can be customised for specific geographical search areas, by circling the area, isolating and identifying all social media users within the search area, and record dates, times and locations of any message sent from any particular user and from any mobile device. Data collected can be used in finding key witnesses, leads and solving crimes.

Key Benefits of SMC4 Geo-Location Tracking

  • Set geographical search parameters and search any social media traffic

  • Isolate social media users

  • Set date and time parameters

  • Plot individual user traffic

  • Archive social messages

Social media messages are tracked in real time, ensuring that all posts are collected, viewed and archived before the posts can be deleted. Messages are viewed in a dashboard in order of risk priority and notifications are sent to the administrator for appropriate action to be taken.

Archiving these social media messages is critical in creating a chain of custody, and these messages can be used as evidence in court.

SMC4 geo-location tracking can be used against any type of criminal activity including:

  • Cyber bullying

  • Arsonist crimes

  • Stabbings

  • Shootings

  • Drugs

  • Gang activity and organised crime

  • Music concerts and festivals

  • Public demonstrations

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