Cyber Crime Software for Police Agencies - SMC4 Observer

As part of a global government initiative, we are able to donate cyber bullying prevention software to manage 100 social media accounts using the SMC4 social media observation software licence.

SMC4 Observer enables Law Enforcement agencies to identify and fight crime by securely and easily managing large volumes of social media communications, alerting them to criminal behaviour and crimes in real time, which is instantly scalable in an emergency or crisis.

SMC4 Observer includes comprehensive criminal observing tools, reporting tools and full archiving capabilities which can record all monitored criminal actions on social media sites, such as a person posting on Facebook that they stole a car, mugged a person, or damaged property. SMC4 Observer keeps a secure archive of the criminal messages for the authorities to use in their criminal investigations, chain of custody and legal proceedings.

To start using SMC4 click on the image to the left, or here, and follow the instructions.

user guide7

To help a Police or Law Enforcement agency leverage SMC4 to capture and control cyber-crime activities, we have included a comprehensive start up guide. To download click on the image to the right, or by clicking here.

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