SMC4 Observer - Features and Functions

SMC4 Observer is a complete social media monitoring solution for Police services, helping to identify potential risks to people on sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

SMC4 Observer:

  • Provides automated warnings of crime, drug use, personal threats, bullying and self harm risks to an individual

  • Identifies gang culture risks, connecting the social dots on things such as drug sellers to purchasers, helping to reduce risks and enabling authorities to break cycles

  • Detects and alerts Police regarding levels and priority of risks, ensuring most serious risks and issues can be immediately controlled

  • Keeps a detailed history of risks and criminal activities, enabling Police to use data in court cases

SMC4 Observer includes the following features to help Police effectively and efficiently stamp out crime, drugs, racism, suicide, bullying and self harm, by identifying the affected people and their perpetrators within their social media network.

smc4 observer social media

SMC4 Observer includes the following features:

  • Observation of individuals social media messages

  • Analysis of individuals social media messages

  • Automatic categorisation of social media messages

  • 17 message risk categories

  • Automatic risk prioritisation of social media messages

  • Automatic mail alerts of risk messages to authorities

  • Dashboard reports

  • Demographic analysis

  • Archive and eDiscovery of all social media messages and staff actions taken for 2 years

  • Includes online and telephone support


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