Crime Reduction

SMC4 Observer aids Law Enforcement agencies to reduce crime by intelligently listening, monitoring and observing Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites, reporting threats of crime, cyber bullying, terrorism, racism and violence in real-time, enabling Law Enforcement agencies to act fast. SMC4 Observer can view the posts of persons or groups of interest and using SMC4 Observer's content and sentiment analytics, agencies can identify high risk criminal key words and phrases. SMC4 Observer provides real time risk priority reporting and alerting to Law Enforcement agencies, enabling them to respond faster to protect the local community and serve their citizens better.

Observing these messages helps prevent and reduce crime by tracking the perpetrators' online presence and highlighting their criminal intentions.

How can SMC4 help?

Our SMC4 solution is being used widely by Law Enforcement agencies for PR, brand and reputation management, community engagement, emergency planning, incident response and criminal investigations. SMC4 Observer provides an intelligent and robust solution for law enforcement agencies that want to be more proactive in their fight against crime.

There are no limits to the number of people or groups that SMC4 Observer can monitor. There are no limits to the types of crime that SMC4 Observer can monitor.


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