Spotting the signs of Bullying

Identifying when a child is being bullied can be difficult, as they are usually reluctant to talk about it.

A child's behaviour will often indicate if something is wrong, and it could be because of a bully. With social media being accessible 24/7 abuse can be received outside of school hours a lot easier, so spotting the signs can be more difficult.

Before social media children may:

  • Be frightened of walking to and from school

  • Ask to be driven into school

  • Unexplained bruises or cuts

  • Come home with missing or destroyed belongings.

Now with social media, the abuse can be more mental than physical, as it takes place through a screen.

  • Refusal to talk about what's wrong

  • Attempt or threaten suicide

  • Become distressed, anxious or withdrawn

  • Become aggressive and unreasonable

Quite often, bullies that are causing problems at school, will look to social media to continue on the abuse outside of school hours. Due to the 24/7 access of social media, this means that messages will often be viewed by the victim at home, which should be a safe place for them.

How can Observer help?

Observer will track all inbound and outbound communication from social media, and analyse the content, flag up any key words or phrases and allow for the bullies to be identified. Observer will allow a parent to view these messages and be able to comfort their child as they know the full story, instead of being in the dark, because their child has not told them.

Observer offers a single platform where all social media sites can be linked, enabling a parent or guardian to monitor the messages and see anything that they deem to be inappropriate. It also allows for action to be taken swiftly which can often prevent further bullying, self harm and suicide attempts.


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