SMC4 Observer - Archive and E-Discovery

Schools and colleges need to be able to easily enforce their policies for behaviour, bullying, complaints, child protection, attendance, equality and social media. In addition, they also need to be able to keep a record of any incident relating to these policies, actions taken and the complete audit trail should it be required for a criminal investigation or eDiscovery request.

SMC4 cyber bullying management

Figure 1. Raw data displayed in SMC4 Observer

SMC4 Observer archives all social media messages in their original format, logs all actions taken and persons involved (students, 3rd parties and staff), what time and date they were sent, and also what platform they were using. SMC4 Observer archives this data for 2 years in our secure Cloud.

SMC4 cyber bullying management

Figure 2. SMC4 Observer data stored and archived in KC Online

This identification allows for action to be taken quickly to prevent any further incidents, or a situation escalating.

This audit trail is automatically archived allowing for search and retrieval to identify any repeat offenses and if necessary, can be used as evidence for legal proceedings.

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