Bullying on Social Media

Understanding how bullying occurs on social media.

The popularity of social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, enables young people to connect with their friends and family at any time of the day. This 24/7 access however causes problems when Cyber Bullies decide to harass someone, as the abuse can occur at any time, day or night.

Ways in which cyber bullies abuse people:

  • Post abusive messages on a public wall

  • Add rude comments to uploaded content

  • Encourage others to join in making fun of someone

  • Create a video or image that makes fun on others

  • Encourage others to share abusive content

Quite often, bullies that are causing problems at school, will look to social media to continue on the abuse outside of school hours. Due to the 24/7 access of social media, this means that messages will often be viewed by the victim at home, which should be a safe place for them.

How can Observer help?

Observer is designed to help any individuals of any age, including parents, schools or clubs to disrupt cyber bulling, by providing a single platform where multiple forms of communication can be viewed.

It allows for any communication over social media and emails to be monitored and analysed, identifying key words, sentiment and provides a full audit trail of the messages.

Observer can help to identify who is being bullied, how they are receiving the abuse, and who is responsible for it, and enables the issues to be resolved quickly and efficiently.

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