SMC4 Knowledge Management Cloud

SMC4 Knowledge Management Cloud is an industry leading Cloud solution that enables customers to self serve their queries through extensive online knowledge articles, provides question driven guided searched to direct call centre agents in answering customer queries and enables organisations to embrace social media into their calls centres, reduce call handling times through auto responses to social media messages.

What is SMC4 Knowledge Management System

SMC4 Knowledge Management System is an end to end solution to share knowledge with customers, providing;

  • Extensive secure search and direct access to companies' knowledge bases

  • Front end web portals for customers to access knowledge documents 24/7, enabling self-service and reduction in calls

  • Call centres can be fully integrated to enable agents to search and find the correct document efficiently

  • Automate customer communications, submitting requests via eMail and social media (Facebook and Twitter) and automated responses via SMC4 and SMC4 Knowledge Management System

  • Document lifecycle control and management, from creation, check out, versioning and publishing

Customer Knowledge Portal

Enable your customers to self serve their queries using Integritie's powerful Customer Knowledge Portal. Like a Google search and utilising natural language processing, Integritie's Knowledge Management System understands what the customer is actually asking and delivers the relevant knowledge articles back to the customer. Articles are presented based on other customerís ratings, feedback and Content Boosting, with the highest rated articles appearing at the top of the search. Organisations can use this information to review, amend or remove articles based on their overall customer feedback rating. If this still does not resolve the customer's query then a customer can log a call back request, which is fully integrated with the call centre call management system. The call centre agent has full view of the customer's previous search history, enabling agents to more efficiently answer the customerís query.

Integration with Twitter

Customers are able to tweet the call centre if they are not able to find their answer in the knowledge articles. This helps to divert the traffic away from the call centre and put it through to an automated service in our SMC4 social media application. Firstly an acknowledgement tweet is sent to the customer and then analytics software analyses the sentiment of the message and understands the question being asked, where an automatic tweet is sent with the relevant article link. There are no call centre agents involved in this process as this is all automated through SMC4. Furthermore, Integritie's Knowledge Management System has full live chat support, where an agent can directly assist a customer's query.

Contact Centre Integration and Knowledge Portal

When call centre agents receive queries via the phone, email and social media they are able to enter a Google like text search in the Contact Centre Portal. Using our advanced content analytics and dictionaries, Integritie's Knowledge Management System understands what the call centre agent is searching for and is provided with a list of guided questions to help the agent resolve the customer query faster, thus reducing the average call time. Once the appropriate articles have been found, call centre agents are able to rate the articles to share amongst the rest of the call centre agents. Articles are presented based on other call centre agents ratings, feedback and Content Boosting, with the highest rated articles appearing at the top of the search.

Integritie's Knowledge Management System has a full suite of APIs to integrate your current call centre application with Integritie's Customer Knowledge Portal.

Knowledge Management

Integritie's Knowledge Management Portal provides access to your Knowledge Administrators, enabling them to create, edit and archive knowledge articles. Using the workflow capabilities built into Integritie's Knowledge Management System you can take control over your knowledge articles, where supervisors are able to see when the articles were created/edited and who by. When articles are edited and created knowledge workers have the ability to choose whether these are published in the call centre, self service portal or both. Before being released the articles are passed through an approval process before being published on your website.

Social Media Integration

Integritie's Knowledge Management System enables social media integration with our SMC4 social media management and monitoring tool. Automatic email notifications are sent to the right team members when new messages are created. We are able to take social media posts and integrate it into our case management solution where we have a checklist on how to deal with each type of message, such as complaints, support, queries etc. Employees are able to reply in our case management system where all information relating to the case is stored. Messages are passed through our analytics software and dictionaries to check for profanities or compliance issues and then are released on social media back to the customer.

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