Emergency Services Social Media Capture, Control, Communication & Compliance

SMC4 enables Emergency Services to securely manage Social Media communications. SMC4 protects community relationships by offering a safe forum which is instantly scalable in time of need and emergency. SMC4 enables Emergency Services to share information and respond efficiently  where seconds count.


  • Provides a secure platform to control all inward and outward Facebook and Twitter comments

  • Automatically deletes profanity and other inappropriate communications ensuring brand control

  • Provides public information and monitoring out of manned hours

  • Listens, monitors and records activity from groups or users of interest

  • Builds relationships with hard to reach members of the community

Police Social Media


  • Scales instantly in times of emergency and need

  • Instantly shares public safety messages

  • Instantly identifies, prioritises, routes important Facebook and Twitter messages to the correct owner enabling faster and controlled responses


  • Easily search and find old social media messages

  • Automatically remove all inappropriate Facebook and Twitter communication

  • Automatically delete in appropriate and offensive comments,  providing a forum that is safe for all


SMC4 Enables Emergency Services to harness the power of Social Media for public relations, crime prevention and criminal investigation

Business Key Benefits

  • Adheres to Local and National guidelines on Social media

  • Ensures good PR

  • Regulates sensitive information shared with the public and their public responses, e.g.) profanity and harmful images

  • With limited budgets, improves time to solve crimes by working effectively with communities to identify suspects

Technical Key Benefits

  • Scalable

  • Straight through processing

  • Automated workflow drives efficiency across the organisation

  • Integration with existing CRM & ERP


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