EMC Documentum Social Media C4 Capture and Control

EMC Documentum Social Media C4 (SMC4) seamlessly captures and releases social media communications into EMC Documentum, including communications from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and other social media applications.

SMC4 automatically reads, translates, classifies and routes social medial communications into the appropriate EMC Documentum workflows or work baskets, such as Customer complaints processing, questions, and change of address requests.

smc4 to emc documentum social media integration for facebook twitter linkedin google

Social media messages are stored within the EMC Documentum repository, providing a single holistic view of all business content management, including social media, PC files, images, video, voice, PDF and other digital files.

Once social media messages are captured by SMC4, the incoming messages are automatically analyses in real time to enable the hands free correct routing and work processing prioritization. Routing is automated by the SMC4 Social Media content analytics function, SMC4 also provides automatic social media responses that enables replies to be automatically sent back to the sender ensure greatest service level responsiveness, for example to confirm the receipt of their message or acknowledge a specific type of social media communication, such as receipt of a order or complaint.

Using SMC4, inbound social media messages are automically controlled, routed to individuals, or sent to pre-set work queues such as exception handling or complaints process.


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