SMC4 Education and Demonstration Videos

SMC4 Education Videos

SMC4 Actions To Take On An Inbound Social Media Message

To ensure that you can respond to your customers and the general public in an appropriate and timely way, SMC4 has made it easy for you to view all social media messages in one place... view the video to learn more


How to Add Keywords to SMC4's Industry and Profanity Dictionaries

Our customers and their businesses do not stand still, so there are always new keywords and business terms that are used in their industry or used in the public domain... view the video to learn more

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SMC4 Demonstration Videos

SMC4 Demonstration - Brand Protection and Profanity Management

How SMC4 can automatically remove profanity on social media, to enable brands to have full control and protection of their social sites... view the video to learn more


SMC4 Demonstration - FINRA Banking and Finance Focus

How SMC4 can help Financial Services organisations to be compliant with regulatory bodies such as FINRA, SEC and NASD when using social media... view the video to learn more

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SMC4 Observer Demonstration Videos

How to Navigate the Dashboard

The SMC4 Observer dashboard provides a helicopter view of all risk messages received or sent to students and provides a quick way to empower teaching staff to protect young people at risk


How to Filter Student Messages

When an incident occurs, teaching staff need to react quickly and find the right information immediately. SMC4 Observer's filtering options enable teaching staff to lock down the key risk messages to protect young people at risk.

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