The Need to Control Social Media

To meet Banking, Finance, Insurance and Health social media communication governance, all social media messages need to be securely captured, stored, and retained, ensuring the communication is not deleted, lost, or tampered with in any way.

Creating a social media infrastructure that can capture and control all social media communication is a complex and demanding task, SMC4 provides an out of the box easy and simplified console to smoothly write, confirm, and release all your social media communication. SMC4 provides structure, quality and control of all your social media communication by consolidating it all in one location, enabling the controlled access and reduction of errors.

SMC4 simplifies the range of social media communication issues by enabling you to plan, preview and publish information on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and many others from the single SMC4 console, quickly and easily with one tool. It gives you the control to target specific markets and segments allowing the right message to be received by the right consumer.

SMC4 helps you protect your business by preventing embarrassment, protecting your reputation and avoiding mistakes. SMC4 can tailor and control the level of authorization that users have when uploading information on social media websites by simplifying the user experience.

Levels of access within the organization can be restricted with four different levels to help with consistency and compliance. The levels range from being able to read and reply to social media messages, to being able to authorize pending and flagged conversations.

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