The Need to Exercise Social Media Compliance

Compliance and regulations can keep large companies from moving forward with their social media plan. SMC4 enables organizations to ensure they are compliant and adhere to regulations, while still being able to use social media in their advertising efforts. 

SMC4 helps maintain the integrity of the organization’s social channels by ensuring all content is coordinated. The product consolidates all social media channels in one location, giving businesses a unified platform from which to manage social media accounts.

SMC4 has numerous benefits:

  • Simple and unified social media publishing, moderation and account management.

  • Correspondences are audited to prevent inaccurate, malicious or profane content.

  • Complete backup and archive, should the information be needed for compliance purposes.

  • Educate, inform and engage with customers who want to interact with companies through social media.

SMC4 offers a range of supervision features which allow businesses to engage in social media whilst adhering to company policy or national guidelines. Authorised users are able to review content before it is published on public social networks.

SMC4 has the following functions to ensure compliance when using social media:

  • Publish and review workflow to ensure suitable and compliant messages.

  • Highlight keywords to be filtered or blocked in accordance with your social media policy using Content Analytics.

  • Enable staff to post on accounts without sharing your account details.

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