Social Media Communication Will Extend Your Reach

With over a billion users on social networking sites, prohibiting or ignoring social media is no longer an option. SMC4 lets users communicate through multiple channels at once, extending their brand image and messages, saving time and maintaining consistency in their social media campaigns.

SMC4 has a number of exciting advantages which allow businesses to focus on their selected audience. These are achieved by:

  • Corporate Voice - Conversing with selected markets

  • User-Generated Content Creating excitement

  • Enthusiasts Stimulating a passion

  • Associations Engaging with members

  • Loyalty Building and rewarding loyalty

  • Innovation Sharing ideas

  • Peer Support Helping each other

SMC4 helps businesses engage in more conversations through social media and manage social engagement across the organization.

SMC4 allows your business to develop the following benefits:

  • Create an enhanced customer relationship

  • Increase traffic to a variety of internet and non-internet based corporations, building sales

  • Manage your social media networks with ease, efficiency and creativity

  • Control real-time social media campaigns

  • Advanced control over authorisation levels and filtering of possible non-compliant messages

SMC4 offers a unified platform for listening, engaging and communicating across social media, to help your organisation become global in a social world.

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