Capturing and Archiving Social Media Communications

To support legal and compliance reqirements, SMC4 captures and stores social media communications from Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, IBM Connections, Google+ and other channels, storing social media communications in your or our back end repository or archive system.

SMC4 has as a open application program interface (API) enabling SMC4 to integrate with ECM solutions such as EMC Documentum, IBM Filenet, Microsoft Sharepoint, Oracle, Opentext and other ECM solutions, releasing social media conversations into ECM solutions for storage and archiving.

SMC4 can be integrated with your in-house storage system. providing the front end social media application required to capture and store your social communications.

SMC4 helps organisations control and adopt Social Media in a safe, compliant way, providing organisations with the following benefits and features:

  • Automate the capture of your Social Media communication

  • Archive your social media in the same repository as all your other business files

  • Automated classification and routing of messages to your business ECM archive, folders or work queues

  • Utilise powerful eDisovery to search through archived messages

  • Enables organisations to adhere to key Financial and Industry rules and legislation such as FINRA, FCA, SEC, and NASD

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