SMC4 utilises an open API, to enable social media communication to be captured, and stored within any ECM repository, such as IBM FileNet, Oracle and Sharepoint, by connecting via CMIS (Content Management Interoperability Service). As soon as any message comes into SMC4, it is automatically archived within your repository, even if the original post is then deleted from the social media site.

Once SMC4 is connected with your social media channels, you can set up the CMIS connection via a simple form within SMC4. It then connects your social media channels, storing all your social data within your existing, compliant repository.

Along with just storing this data, you also have the ability to search and retrieve these messages, enabling them to be used in future cases, or comply with industry regulations.

This added functionality now means that any unstructured data that comes into the business, no matter the source can now be stored and archived within a secure repository. Businesses that are reluctant to use social media, due to compliancy issues, now have no excuse not to take advantage of this essential communication method.

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