Celebrities - Take Control of Twitter and Facebook Abuse!

Rid #cyberbullying of celebrities & high profile individuals!

Celebrities and high profile individuals are subject to social media abuse which involves a barrage of profanity, name calling and inappropriate messages being sent to their social media accounts en mass. 

Celebrities and high profile individuals should not have to put up with this because they are in the public eye.

To find out how, contact us at celebrity@integritie.com


Is Reporting Abuse Enough?

In a matter of seconds your world can be turned upside down, with your name and reputation being the subject of abuse and appearing millions of times across social media sites. By the time you have reported social media abuse to Twitter and Facebook, abusive messages have already gone viral and being shared by millions. SMC4 can resolve this immediately by removing inappropriate messages.

Sleep Soundly!

SMC4 automatically monitors, detects and hides inappropriate language and harrassment, such as profanity, racism and sexism from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.  You no longer have to manually monitor your social media pages to track abusive messages and then hide or delete them.  SMC4 will do this for you, leaving you to enjoy legitimate messages from your fans and followers and to sleep soundly.

For more information, contact us at celebrity@integritie.com

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