Engaging in Social Media Channels is Key to Extending Your Reach

It is important for organizations to be able to reach their consumers through social media activities as demand for this is continually rising. SMC4 enables companies to manage social media in a highly regulated environment, while enabling consumers to reap the full benefits of being linked to the company on a social media site.

SMC4 gives you the ability to gain access to multiple social networks. It gives the scope to publish content that engages fans and clients and drives leads to local and global organizations. SMC4 helps to realise your business goals, build brand awareness, deliver customer care and generate sales with social engagement.

SMC4 helps to measure success and direct future marketing investments with our sophisticated social media analytics package. It assists with capturing and archiving activity on major social networks. Track the effectiveness and reach of published content across social media channels with one simple view. See how often content is viewed, liked, shared, and commented on. Effective social media measurement and reporting has never been so easy.

Tailor permissions to your needs, whether it is a large organisation needing to capture a wide audience or a small organisation needing to focus on a more niche market. SMC4 enables users to develop unique platforms in order to achieve this.

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